Fun and relaxing driving school driven by results

Deciding to get either a manual or automatic licence can be a difficult decision.

Here at Pickles we can help you advance from a Learner's Licence to your Plates in no time! All within a great environment with a choice of either an Automatic Mazda 3 or a Manual Mazda 2.

pickles brisbane driving school

High Standards, BIG Results

At Pickles Driving School, we are dedicated and focused on the highest standards of training. The instructor will help you to become a very calm and confident driver, ready for any situation on the road. The instructor will work with the driver to understand what they need and will cater for this in all instances. We guarantee that the instructor will be focused on the driver for the duration of the lesson.


Safe Environment, SAFE on the road

At Pickles Driving School, we are dedicated to teaching our drivers to be safe on the road throughout their training experience. This ensures that the drivers will have a successful and safe driving experience for years to come. When learning with Pickles Driving School our goal is to provide students with the knowledge that will enable them to drive in the safest way possible and teach them how to scan and identify hazardous situations enabling the learner to maintain a calm mindset, in any given situation. We understand that learning to drive can be a stressful experience so keeping all of the above in mind, we try our best to create an enjoyable and stress free learning environment.