Manual and Automatic

Deciding to get either a manual or automatic licence can be a difficult decision, but whichever you decide we are here to teach you the correct techniques in both manual and automatic vehicles. 

Although it may seem like there are many variations between the two, driving an Automatic Vehicle can be just as complex as driving a Manual. Learning how to use the clutch and gears is really the only difference between the two, all of the other driving techniques remain the same. Once you have mastered the two simple techniques of using the clutch and changing the gears they will become second nature in no time. 

Pre-Test Lessons

We highly recommend that you book a pre-test assessment with us before proceeding to book your practical driving test. This allows you the time to correct any bad habits or driving errors.


We will asses you to Q-safe standards. 

Pay Per Lesson

Although we offer 1 hour lessons, we recommend 1.5 – 2 hour lessons as they are more beneficial in terms of practicing and correcting driving techniques.

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