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The Instructor

My name is Michael Naudé, I am the sole proprietor of Pickles Driving School. I have over 10 years of on road driving experience and 4 years experience in OFFROAD driving. With a history involving driving and instructing, I decided to pursue my dream career and become an accredited driving instructor with the hopes of one day establishing my own driving school.


In 2014 I completed my studies, I was then offered the opportunity to work under the banner of one of the finest driving schools across Queensland. After gaining much experience and knowledge through the school, I decided to continue to pursue my dream and establish my own driving school. Teaching people of all ages how to drive safely and the correct way is a true passion of mine.


I like to think of myself as a very calm and easy going person, I understand that driving can be extremely stressful especially when you have little to no experience behind the wheel.Therefore I like to make sure that all of my students feel comfortable throughout every stage of learning how to drive. I believe that having a calm relaxed state of mind allows for better focus, therefore allowing students to drive safely and be able to concentrate on the road whilst still maintaining the correct driving techniques.

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